Payment methods - Aptica Luxopt nv.

Payment methods

  • All orders are payable in euro via a secure website.
  • Transactions made on Luxopt sa/nv are secured by the Lightspeed Payments payment system.
  • All information exchanged in order to process payments is encrypted using the SSL protocol. Such information cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties. These payments are not stored in our IT systems.
  • Lightspeed Payments is a technical service provider and does not deal with disputes arising from orders. These must be settled directly with Luxopt sa/nv or your bank.
  • The body responsible for securing the payment mentioned at the time of the transaction is liable to change without warning.
  • Orders must be paid at the time of ordering and will only be sent to the Buyer when the entire price including VAT and shipping costs have been paid.
  • Luxopt sa/nv reserves the right to refuse any order placed by a Buyer who has not paid or only partially paid a previous order.
  • Similarly any order or delivery may be cancelled if the financial organisations refuse to authorise your payment.

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