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Quality reading is a choice

APTICA is not your average reading brand. We differentiate ourselves by offering a vast range of new and daring frames for men and women.

Our tradition is to be visionary and innovative, bringing ready reading glasses and sunglasses. We are looking after eye wellness inspired by natural colors, materials and shapes. All of our products are hand-made to ensure an impeccable quality, providing even custom-made services upon request.

Treat your eyes with the excellent quality of APTICA ready readers and experience a reading revolution today, as quality reading is a choice.


Digital protection

Blue light is emitted by computer screens as well as tablets, smartphones and televisions. This light is harmful for the eyes and can cause eyestrain, general fatigue, headaches... Studies have made clear that anti-blue lenses help neutralise the damaging effects of blue light.

Being aware of the dangers, APTICA is the first company worldwide to include blue blocking lenses in all of its reading glasses, ensuring the right protection for the consumers eyes.


Our team

We have composed a team consisting of opticians, who are involved in every step of the production process. At APTICA we would like to make sure that the quality, design and finishing are on point and cutting edge. All of our ready reading glasses are created and distributed from our warehouse in Aalst, Belgium.


The history of APTICA

25 years of optical experience have brought us valuable partnerships with trusted manufacturers, enabling us to create the highest standard of quality reading glasses. Throughout the years, we have been expending our market worldwide. Our success lies in the fact that most of resources go to research and development rather than mass advertising. This way we are able to produce high quality glasses while simultaneously keeping our prices low. 


Marketing support

Something we are very proud of is the unique packaging for our ready readers. We are continuously innovating the design of our boxes and pouches in order to create a unique product experience from start to finish.

APTICA embraces the fact that all of our customers deserve the best eye-wellness and personalized service, therefore we have developed a specific APTICA-marketing concept that will fully support your sales.