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Cocktail Set

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The Cocktail ready reading glasses, influenced by those neon heavy bar streets from the Miami and Las Vegas strip, from Shoreditch in London to Shibuya in Tokyo. Our electric colors are an ode to the 80's and 90's boom Mixology had represented in films like "Cocktail". Little did we know then, how this art would become some transcendent and universal. These blue light filter glasses are a great choice, from the young-professional to the sophisticated business man, there is a style inspired by infamous cocktails for eveyone.
Enjoy our Cocktail ready reading glasses, because quality reading is a choice.
A set includes 24 pieces: 4 colors and 6 diopters.


Aperol - Orange

Daiquiri - Pink

Mimosa - Yellow

Mojito - Green

Technical Specifications

Rectangular Shape - Size: L40 - N23 -T145

Round Size L40 - N23 - T145

Lens Powers +1.00 > +3.50

Pupil Distance (PD) of 62 (+/- 1) mm for rectangular and 61 (+/- 1) mm for round