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Cactus Set

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The Cactus model, prickly, cute and resistant, Cacti are fabulous and need to be celebrated in all their glory. Taking inspiration from this extremely strong flora, we created a small round overlook ready reader exciting colours and with a beautiful metal lens rim. These blue light filter glasses combine comfort and technology with style.
Enjoy our Cactus ready reading glasses, because quality reading is a choice.
A set includes 24 pieces: 4 colours and 6 diopters 


Sequoia - Olive Green

Choila - Navy Blue 

Chin - Burgundy Red 

Cabega - Black

Technical specifications

Round Shape - Size: L30 - N35 - T143.3

Lens Powers +1.00 > +3.50

Pupil Distance (PD) of 62 (+/- 1) mm