AR Boudoir Set 24 - Aptica Luxopt nv.

BOUDOIR SET - 24 pieces


Brand: Aptica
Article number: 54-14601-07007-5
Quantity: 9


The best cabarets reunited in one set !

LE CRAZY HORSE is an ode to feminine beauty. THE LIDO is the largest cabaret of all and high-end touches optimize visibility. At the MOULIN ROUGE you’ll find the Toulouse-Lautrec posters. glittery lamp-posts and fake trees lend guilty charm to this revue. The PARADIS LATIN is the most authentic of the cabarets. not only because it’s a family business. but also because the clientele is mostly French.

Enjoy the delectable Boudoir reading glasses !

LIDO black

CRAZY HORSE off-white


PARADIS LATIN demi amber

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